The special session entitled Surveying & Maritime Internet of Things Education (SMITE 2023) is a forum that will share ideas, projects, researches results, models, experiences, etc. associated with Maritime & Surveyor IoT applications. The session will be held in Salamanca (Spain) as the part of the 20th International Symposium Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2023 (


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical “smart” devices (applicable in vessels, vehicles, buildings, factories etc.) embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, that allow interconnectivity between these devices & data exchange. Over the past 5 years this new technology has grown rapidly and has found applications ranging from people whose devices monitor health and wellness to manufacturers that utilize sensors to optimize the maintenance of equipment and protect the safety of workers. It is expected that by 2025, IoT may reach a total potential market impact of up to $11.1 trillion. Large shipping corporations are already investing heavily in enabling IoT technology solutions in their fleet to improve transparency, safety, and cost efficiency by optimising procedures, maintenance & energy efficiency.

Shipowners are set to spend an average of $2.5m, each, on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions over the next three years. In addition, the marine surveying infrastructure transformation through IoT technologies is expected to enable the shipping industry, port authorities or environmental agencies, to inspect shipping assets, offshore structures, waterways & ensure compliance with various standards or specifications. In contrast, formal Maritime & Surveying IoT training on development, installation, service, maintenance & sustainability awareness is at its infancy, especially in the European Union.

This special session aims to investigate in topics related to Maritime & Surveyor IoT applications. Topics included are:

  • multimodal maritime processes management,
  • production planning and scheduling,
  • simulation of maritime systems,
  • intelligent transport and passenger and vehicle routing,
  • security of multimodal systems,
  • network knowledge modeling,
  • intelligent web mining & applications.
  • business multimodal processes and projects planning.

Contributions containing of both: the theoretical and practical results obtained in this area are welcome.


Organizing Committee


  • Dr. George Katranas, Cerca Trova Ltd. (Bulgaria)
  • Dr. Panagiotis Maroulas, Cerca Trova Ltd. (Bulgaria)
  • Dra. Ana B. Gil, University of Salamanca (Spain)