Research on intelligent multi-agent systems and algorithms for information fusion has attracted considerable attention during the past decade, leading to many effective applications related to Internet of things (IoT), Wearable Computing, Smart City, Wireless Sensor network (WSN), Distributed Tracking. The rapid development of modern sensors and their application to multiagent systems or distributed networks provide a foundation for new paradigms to combat the challenges that arise in harsh environments with poor background information. For example, the advent of large-scale/massive sensor systems provides very informative data, which facilitates novel perspectives based on data mining, machine learning, model fitting, pattern recognition, evidential reasoning and regression analysis provide to deal with false alarms and misdetection, given little knowledge about the objects, sensors and the background. As such, the sensor community has the interest in novel, intelligent information fusion & data mining methods coupling traditional statistical techniques for substantial performance enhancement, especially for the challenging problems that make traditional approaches inappropriate.

This special session aims to assemble and disseminate information on recent, novel advances in multi-agent systems, information fusion & distributed computing techniques and approaches, and promote a forum for continued discussion on the future development. Both theoretical and practical approaches to address the problems in this area are welcome.


Multiagent system, Sensor fusion, Adaptive filtering, Intelligent systems, Wireless Sensor Network, Distributed tracking, Pattern Recognition, Evidential Reasoning


The topics of interest of this special section include but are not limited to:

  • WSN/IoT-based fusion/learning/computing
  • Object recognition/classification using sonar, radar, video, soft data sources, etc.
  • Intelligent Target Tracking
  • Pattern recognition and/or evidential reasoning technology for fusion
  • Intelligent multiagent systems
  • Wearable Computing, Mobile positioning, Hybrid intelligent systems
  • AI-related information fusion


Organizing Committee

  • Tiancheng Li - School of Automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University (China)
  • Hongqi Fan - National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on ATR, School of Electronic Science, National University of Defense Technology (China)
  • Zhunga Liu - School of Automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University (China)


Tiancheng Li

Hongqi Fan

Zhunga Liu