Multi-agents systems are emerging in all aspects of life, including education. Agents equipped with artificial intelligence are an ubiquitous part of our daily life, either shaped as physical robots, simulated agents or smart interconnected devices designed to ease a plethora of daily activities.

E- learning systems have been gaining terrain over traditional educational systems over the last decades. More recent, virtual learning environments which involve either physical or software agents are shaping both processes of teaching and learning. Both tutoring agents and information collecting agents are used nowadays not only for raising standards in education, but also for making it more discoverable and available to everyone, as well as to motivate and guide students and teachers throughout the learning and teaching processes.

This special session will provide an opportunity to bring together researchers with interests in multi-agent systems and educational research and aims at receiving contributions relevant to the area of e-learning and educational systems, multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence, robotics.


  • e-learning systems
  • educational systems
  • virtual learning environments
  • learning assistant
  • multi-agent based simulation
  • adaptation, learning and personalization


Organizing Committee

  • António J. R. Neves - University of Aveiro (Portugal)
  • Alina Trifan - University of Aveiro (Portugal)