Train from Madrid:

Attendees can travel by train from Madrid to Toledo in just half an hour. The Madrid-Toledo train route has AVE Madrid Toledo trains. It is an easy, comfortable, fast and uncomplicated way. In addition, this train line, there are numerous departures from Madrid from early morning until first hour of the night.
The purchase of tickets can be made on the official website of RENFE: [link]

To reach the congress venue you can follow the route indicated in the link: [link]

Bus from Madrid:

Attendees can choose to travel by bus from Madrid to Toledo. The duration of travel by bus is an hour and a half, (direct or indirect route) we can travel from the very Capital or from the Barajas Airport T4, note that this depends on the time you want to travel.
Tickets can be purchased at the official ALSA website: [link]

From the bus station, you can take the urban bus line 4.3, direction Universidad.

Or by following the path shown in this link.

Car from Madrid:

Toledo is located just 71 km from Madrid, so you can also opt to travel by car. Attendees can follow the route shown on the map, from Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas airport. [link]